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2011-01-12 by Y7V9 replies to gio from georgia11 Jan 2011giorgiReply ! kaa2407_88
мне кажется, что это новый развод.единственное не могу понять в чем он заключается. да и откуда взял мой номер этот станный абонент с мылом
2011-01-11 by gio from georgia replies to Hanafi11 Jan 2011i have got  ths sms from your number . i'm comfused. whats going on. I liove in georgia not state  in countryReply ! xvtiso shtekauri
xvtiso shetekauri893279491
2011-01-11 by 41765623634
2011-01-11 by H
Got the same text in Canada
2011-01-10 by Hanafi
Ive received almost the same message like Victor Tango last night. "Congratulations! You have won One Million Euro on Orange new year promotion.Send your names and Contact number via email to" It's kind of weird as i do not know how they got my mobile number as im in Singapore.
2011-01-08 by semoun khumlert replies to Ask me tomorrow15 Dec 2010i do got yr sms then i am sms back to you nw how ia that thank you very email is / sairykhumlert@hotmail.comReply ! secrets
something is definitely not right! do you think they charge you if you do say yes or $ back at the text?  o-o
2010-11-15 by Ask me tomorrow
I was fortunate enought to get this text:Congratulations you have won 1 million (who uses '1'?) Euro (better than US dollars) on Orange Mobile Promo (perfect grammer so far), send your names (how many do I have?) and mobile number via email to youmustbeanidiottobelievethisbutnoseriouslywhatareyouthinkingwereyoubornyesterdaydidyounotdrybehindyourearsafteryourlastshowerheybythewaywhatareyoudoingsaturdaynight@mail.comSomething's not right!
2010-10-23 by majid
I recive the same message in my mobail 0096650531331
2010-10-21 by emad khrais
وصلتني رسالة تقول ربحت مليون يورو كيف هذا00966505310660
2010-10-19 by 0505306097
congratulations im won 1 million Euro
2010-10-19 by moad ali
2010-10-19 by abo hosam
what is that
2010-10-15 by sporny
i got that same email that victor tango recieved...and thort it was a scam. how far has any1 gone?
2010-10-01 by Anonymous replies to VictorTango1 Oct 2010I got that too! How rich can they be, issuing 1 Million Euro to everyone. I think it is a gimmick!!Reply ! CP
Yes I got a text from this number saying Congratulations you have won 1 million euro's email names and mobile to Why the mobile when they already have it?
2010-10-01 by Skeptic
Hmmm.  My father-in-law in Australia received almost exactly the same SMS, although in his case the purported sender was +41764512341 and the email address was, not  FWIW, 417 is the country code for Liechtenstein.Let's see if any clues can be gained from the email addresses:>nslookup mail.comNon-authoritative answer:Name:    mail.comAddress:>nslookup    mail.comAddress: is just an online email service, news and entertainment site, and is operated by Media Corporation in Los Angeles, CA.  The scammer would have just created a free email account there.>nslookup post.comNon-authoritative answer:Name:    post.comAddress:>nslookup    crs.ultradns.netAddress: are hundreds of domain names that map to IP address, not just  The physical server/redirector for all those domain names is which is operated by UltraDNS Corp of San Mateo, CA in the USA - but they are just the hosting service.The fact that both these email services are in California _might_ indicate that the scammer lives in or has some connection with that part of the USA, but it may also just be a red herring.
2010-09-29 by VictorTango
"Congratulations! you have won 1 Million Euro on Orange Mobile Promotions, send your names & mobile number via email to:" I revived this SMS last night.

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