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2011-01-25 by margie
they have been calling me for about 5 days now.
2011-01-17 by Sonya
I just received a call from this number on my cell phone. The man on the other end said he was with a VISA sweepstakes and he was based out of Utah and that I had been entered to win $25000 because I had used my credit card to shop with, when I told him I don't own a credit card he said it was probably my bank card used as credit, he then started asking general survey questions, but never got around to asking anything personal because when it sank in that he said he was in Utah, but I recognized the 423 TN area code I told him I wasn't interested and hung up.. I'm going to go to the VISA website and report this to them.
2011-01-15 by steve replies to amy9 Jan 2011the same number kept calling my girlfriend on her safelink phone on the 8th tooReply ! Bellamy Groff
This number keeps callin my home phone and asking for me , I am at work most the times the calls come but the first time they called they said it was about a job I had applied for , I have a job and wouldnt have applied for one in that area anyway , the second time they called they told my husband it was about something I ordered and wanted to know if he has access to my banking information. I call the number back from the caller id and it is a dead silence , no ringing , nothing and when i dial it in i get a buisy signal.I googled the directories and found it was a landline in Church Hill somewhere but i am asked to pay to retrieve the owners name and other information.I then googled just the number and see that other people as well are getting this call from this number and have reported it.
2011-01-08 by amy
somebody keeps calling me and wont say nothing, when i call back its tells me all lines are buzy try your call again later.

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