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2011-01-14 by joan egan
2010-07-03 by TMobile Unfair Business Practices
I was counting down the days until my contract expired with T-Mobile. I have had problems with my phone and billing from day one. Looking back, I should have known I was in for trouble. When my contract expired I paid the account balance due.  T-Mobile store was unable to provide receipt, although T-Mobile store representative acknowledged that I paid the account and apologized for not being able to do anything about the erroneous charges on my statement.  Additionally, I wrote a letter of dispute and requested a response in writing and no phone calls.  T-Mobile customer service sounds sincere, but T-Mobile will use a deceptive telephone number to call and harass you.
2010-05-18 by VA
Caller ID: 425-336-4303  Caller: 1-877-819 6042 T-MobileUsed debit card to pay account balance 5 days before end of contract and store refused to provide receipt.  Returned to store with bank statement showing debit from account to obtain receipt and request investigation.Now T-Mobile bill collection is calling to collect a debt paid off ...  Outrageous!Best advise... Never trust T-Mobile customer service representatives via in person, live chat, or telephone.  They don't even honor receipts!

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