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2009-09-03 by ldarlene
I've gotten two calls from this #...I didn't answer and no message left. It's a land line in Virginia
2008-10-01 by Brokendash
You guys with Drive Financial? thats who sold my number
2008-09-30 by Jeb Bus
Got a call from this # at7:19pm no message left.Call back, told them I was blind and do not drive. They still wanted to sell me a warranty for my care takers car. Losers!Market crashes cause people to do weird things for a buck.We need a change of pace America. Out with ALL the OLD and in with the new or things will never change.
2008-09-30 by jimbo
Call from this number wanted to sell me a car warranty. Do people really fall for this stuff?
2008-09-30 by rayray
got a call, no idea who it is, they just got blocked
2008-09-26 by SCN
Received call at 6:07pm on 9/25/08.  Didn't leave msg.
2008-09-26 by Arby Tu
Received call at 3:51pm on 09/25/08.  No message left
2008-09-25 by Telemarketing Victim
Auto response: says it's used by several companies. No telling who sold them my number. I suspect it was Bank of America. I'm going to start signing up for all kinds of free soap and coupons and leave the nearest branch office's number as my number.Anyway, the message sSays press 1 to be removed, then 2, then enter your number. Now they'll sell it to 100 other companies because they know it's an active and connected number. You can also leave a voicemail "with no profanity," according to the instructions.
2008-09-05 by jasmine murdaugh
who is this calling me ?
2008-09-05 by JEff
same deal no message, but random call...has anyone called them back?
2008-09-05 by Shavonta
# called like 2 minutes ago, I answer they hung up, called em back no answer to busy signal, thank God i googled it or it would drove me insane tryna figure out who it was!
2008-09-05 by katherine
i got one at 7:01 today with a message that was silent for about two annoying
2008-09-05 by rhc
Got a call from 4348789954 at 8:29 pm no message
2008-09-05 by rhc
Got a call from 4348789954 at 8:29 pm no message
2008-09-05 by cheese
called them back, got a recorded message telling me how to opt out.  They said that they got my number from a solicitation thing because i gave my number from some other thing I really dont know or care I did however opt out hoprfully it will end it.
2008-09-04 by Bigeyes
I'm not sure how this company received my cell number but I would like to identify them and notify them not to call me.
2008-09-04 by bigboy
just got the call 5 mins
2008-09-04 by Sam
I just got a call, no message. Who it was?
2008-09-04 by Jessica Collins
They called me at 6:45pm on September 4th, and did not leave a message how strange.
2008-04-01 by mynorth
got a call at 7:40 pm est. no message.

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