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2011-01-11 by sarah replies to simon10 Jan 2011I just got it and I'm with VodafoneReply ! Unknown
Yep I just got a message to, and the same thing!.. I won $2,000,000.00..... I nearly peed knew it was too good to be true!... don't people have something better to do, what do they get out of doing this?..... it must cost them a fortune to text all of us!... Fools!..I am with vodaphone, so I will have to find out what is goin on here!....and put a bar on that number!
2011-01-11 by kris
yeah i just got the message to, at first i was believing it but if it wasn't for my daughter then i probably would have been hooked. I rang the number back, i asked where they were and they said in Engalnd and the promotion was in England then i asked why they were doing it in Australia. He started confusing me and pushing me to believe it, and made it clear to use my email, my number an my name. If it wasn't for my daughter googling to this website, i would of been scammed. i'm with telstra and i'm now calling them to complain.
2011-01-11 by Serge
My phone is being bombared with SMS messages about $2mil that i won, i got about 10 of them since 6am. Rang Optus my service provider in Australia to see what can be done to block them.
2011-01-08 by larryb
I got one of these emails as well, i'm with optus and will be contacting them.  How the hell did these smartasses get my mobile number.  What a scam!
2011-01-08 by Marg
I just recieved a text saying I have won $2,000,000 I am with telstra. Would be great if it was true.
2011-01-08 by mumsie replies to Viv8 Jan 2011yes i got it too but would reject my call funny that lolReply ! Alex Caras
congrat!! your mobile number has won for you $2,000,000usd in the free lotto mobile promo.for claim, send email & call +4407045759852
2011-01-08 by simon
yes i got the same sms at 3,30pm as much as i would like to have 2mil i wont hold my breath, if they got my phone number them, more then likely they have an addsess, so i we wait for the 2 mil in the mail.hahaha.
2011-01-07 by MKM
I never respond to such calls. However, I hope my reporting it can be of assistance. Anyone who wants to give me $2mill can voice-call me. Better still - send a cheque! MKM
2011-01-07 by MKM
Just wonder if the number we are asked to call, is one of these "Heavily - Charged" numbers? Ie - Once you make the call, your account is charged an amount of money for the privilege. It's an old scam, if that's what it is. Like when you call the Sexy-Ladies number - (so I am told!!) MKM
2011-01-07 by brad
i got the message as well have never won a chook raffle now all of a sudden i won 2million please get rid of these clowns
2011-01-06 by Viv
I got the very same message:congrat your mobile number has won for you $2,000,000usd in the free lottomobile promo.for c;aim, send email +4407045759852at 3:40am Aus time - what the?
2011-01-06 by johnny replies to Viv6 Jan 2011I too received a text message , about winning $2ooo,ooo ,figured it as a scam but where did they get my number; the phone has been out of credit for at 4 weeks ! Please dont tell me optus is selling my number as it looks lik
I got that same message I've won $2mil nice eh... I'm also with Optus.. wondering if there is a connection there to sale of my details.
2011-01-06 by Flossygirl
I got it at 5am this morn on an Optus mobile too. I rang the number that the SMS came in on and got some jamaican sounding guy who when he realised I was not happy started speaking faster and faster until I couldnt understand him anymore. What I did get was when i asked how i could stop these texts he said email my mobile number and name to the email in the sms. NO WAY am I doing that. Im ringing Optus. If they get enough calls about this hopefully they will bar access to our phones from this number!
2011-01-06 by wog
i got the congrat your mobile number has won for you $2,000,000usd in the free lottomobile promo.for c;aim, send email +4407045759852 in the form of a SMS. WTF I am in Australia and recieved it at 08:21 AWST. If it continues i will be contacting my telco.
2011-01-06 by Julie
I got this same message. I,m with Telstra so Optus isn,t solely to blame. Figured it was a hoax but jumped on my computer and found this site. They sent the message at 11.34pm eastern standard time in Australia. Dont know where they got my mobile number from either. Makes you wonder what the telco's are doing with our information.
2011-01-06 by irene
I got the same sms as above, sent at 4.25am (Aust time)... i have emailed them to remove me from any mailing list they may have me on...fat chance of that happening! I'm with Optus too.....
2011-01-05 by lenora
congrat your mobile number has won for you $2,000,000usd in the free lottomobile promo.for c;aim, send email +4407045759852

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