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2009-04-05 by brenda wortham
who's number is this?
2009-03-23 by aime'
This is the automatic number that the school system uses when your child is absent in school for the day. The recording states that your child was absent for the day.
2009-03-18 by Stephen W.
The owner of the number is "Norman T. Faircloth", and the business license associated with the phone number is "Ntec Faircloth, LLC". The contact address listed on his business license is "3397 Osborne Pl, Macon, GA 31204-1901". That is -- apparently -- a house in the middle of Macon (according to Google satellite photos).I don't care WHO he is... ...he is required BY LAW to have some way to un-subscribe from his calling list (such as hitting the number "2" on your phone, while his recording is being played in your ear).I've reported him to the FCC, for not following the requirements of the "Do Not Call" list. Maybe we could get HIS home number, and call it 3 times a week.
2009-01-16 by Jay O. Bee
these mofo's are digg suggers.
2009-01-16 by Sheila
This is an automated system used by the schools to deliver messages (like school closings).
2008-12-08 by Quayla
i got a call from this number at 7:02pm on December 7, 2008. i don't know who it is. there was no answer. i will report it if they call again.
2008-12-08 by Lyn
The company is NTEC,they assist in delivering important announcements and messages,My daughter's school started using them today and they told us there would be a test call made on dec.8.
2008-11-13 by PC
don't know who it is and does not leave a message
2008-11-13 by J Parker
Your number, not necessarily your name is on a automatic call list to notify the community of interest of upcoming events. (eq. schools,church groups, etc)All 'my' calls come at approximately 6:00 p.m. and are probably the result of an input error on the list of numbers to call. If you answer and 'hang' on long enough for the 'puter to know it has an answer, you will get the recordedmessage. It appears to be a problem for those on this forum so I suggest you call the sponsor of the message and supporting phone number list to have your number removed. That is what I plan to do. Today.
2008-10-27 by J. Gary
Got a call a few minutes ago from this number, and when I call it back it just tells me they are a  non-solicitation company and they were trying to deliver a message... but never gives the message. And I also did not receive a voicemail.
2008-10-22 by jamie
I'm in Paudling Co. Ga and get this call often on my NEW cell number. Not sure why they are calling me. They do not leave a voicemail.
2008-09-01 by jack
how do you turn these automated messages off?  i get calls from simpson county, mississippi... i like in washington state... anyone know?
2008-08-25 by Chad
Got a call from a local elementary school principal saying they will remain open (severe weather in the area) but parents can pick up children if they would like.I don't know if this is a problem with the person submitting the recorded message to go out or the company that distributes, but the message came almost 3 hours after the bad weather.I guess whoever had my phone number before registered with the school.
2008-05-13 by pat
This is an automated called system employed by school systems.  They alart of school happenings like meetings and cancellations
2008-04-15 by A. Smith
I know for Paulding County in Georgia this number is used to deliver automated messages for the school system. We receive calls about upcoming events, school holidays, etc.
2008-04-04 by A. D. Northam
Shows up as Macon, GA.If you look it up it is an automated call that I usually get when the weatheris bad.  You can research the company. It is affiliated with some school systems.  I guess it's like an amber alert for the weather..
2008-03-31 by S. Sorrow
I called the number back and the recorded info said they were some company called Entex. Couldn't really understand because it was kind of garbled but they said that they work with schools, counties emergency centers & Hospitals. Said it was trying to deliver a message. May have been the school system trying to deliver a general message to parents of students.
2008-03-31 by A. Leonard
3/30 Received a call from this number. The company thats supports this automated called system needs to have an end message that says "reply to Entec,this number that your automated sytem called belongs to another party, please delete it from your calling system".
2008-03-20 by SMarchant
Who is this?
2008-03-11 by D. Smith
Received another call from this number.

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