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2008-05-08 by Disgusted
We received calls from the same number.  We are currently going through credit counseling and are saving up enough money to pay off our debt quickly.  The woman who called indicated she was calling regarding an arbitration case in our county (arbitration refers to resolution outside of court, so that in itself is suspect).  She asked me to return the call at 1-866-816-3177, ext 3125.  I have no intention of subjecting myself to the kind of harrassment described by others in this post.  I am disgusted by Bank of America, and will never do business with them again.
2008-04-16 by CONCERNED
2008-04-10 by Jen
I receive these calls. I do owe $ to BofA.  Have spoken to Bob and he has been ok to deal with.  BUT, after reading the comments above!?  I have told him not to call my work, to call my cell.  He still calls my work, has yet to call my cell like I told him too!  When he first started calling, we also received a call from a stern woman who was a "New York York State Arbitrator" and she told my husband EVERYTHING about my accounts (he is not listed on my accounts) and stated it was his right as a NYS resident to have knowledge of his spouses finances!  I spoke to her (called her back).  She told me to find someone with a MasterCard account to borrow the funds for paying off my debts!  What?!  I have yet to hear from her again.  I did pay a chunk on my accounts with BofA through Creditor's Interchange BUT I have not received a statement from BofA in months to show any payments?!  I will be checking into this.
2008-03-19 by Anon
I actually have some bad debt. The funny thing is this guy Brian Hueler called about a 1099C. My husband talked to him because the guy was asking for my maiden name which I hadn't used in 5 years. He also said it was in regards to a chase "I think a visa" card that I had but was never able to pay off. My husband said NO my wife doesnt work when they asked and told him I was going through cancer testing- the guy on the phone sound elated. When my husband talked to me he said this guy was a lawyer and that I needed to call him back. I'm upset that my husband confirmed this was my place of residency because of everything I read online and how they can record calls, they won't use anything my husband said on the phone against me, will they? He then gave the number 877-770-6335 extension 3273. He never said his company's name.
2008-03-04 by Victim of A harrassment - 3 March 2008
Several calls, mainly men and a woman. Claims working for MBNA and eventually another firm. At first they told me everything about my daughters account...they said they could since I was her mother. At this time, I only made a $10.00 payment. Later, I had phone calls asking for $4,000.00 payment on the same account, to dissolve my daughters debt. These people would not send I knew they were legit. No proof of who they are, account numbers, or anything. They wanted me to send them a check, and in a plain envelope!!!  I would not send a payment, not knowing if it was actually going to her account. And after the phone calls that followed, they should owe me the $4,000.00.Several harassing calls. Man stating: What did you do with your daughter? Did you do something with her? Why hasn't anyone seen her? Why can't anyone find her? What did you do with her? Did you harm her in any way? Do you want me to report you since no one has heard from her, can't find her, or hasn't seen her? And one question was about meeting me or her in an alley! (Which shook me up because my daughter had been harmed a few years back!) And he accused me of being unintelligent and sooo stupid. This was the only bad thing I ever said to, I am not stupid, but maybe you are. I again hung up, called the phone company, and an attorney. But this place several times a day...harassing me. In my opinion - phone calls like these, well, the company and individual should be held accountable. But their nastiness goes on and on and on. Well, the nice phone calls where the caller was level headed, these callers said they represented MBNA. The nasty threatening/harassing phone calls...the callers said that the account had been turned over to them, to collect.
2008-03-02 by Michael (in Ontario, CAN)
These people also come through as 000-000-0000. Angry messages demanding call-backs but never a number to call. After not hearing from them for about  eight months, last week, finally a polite message with information. Male caller, Vasti Showers for "CI Corporate Office in the province of Ontario". Call-back is 866-816-3177 and his "personal extension is 3775".Without getting into my personal details I do know this number is debt collection related.I'll cross reference this with a post to the 866-816-3177 thread for their possible benifit.  For those also posting for the benifit of others there are a couple of other helpful web sites that come back when the 866 number is googled.
2008-02-26 by Marie
Rep called saying that they were going to send a judgement to the local clerks office regarding a debt. They even called my parents house and left a message. I told the rep I had already sent what legal information to Bank of America due to a fraud issue. He indicated that because the account was open by me it wasn't considered fraud. I told him I was waiting for court documents to prove the validy of the fraud I was a victim of which was why I couldn't make a payment currently. The funny part is that I have never heard of this company nor have I received collection paperwork from them, only from another company out of PA. When I insisted that he send me paperwork for me to provide to my attorney, he said all I would receive is a judgement. However, due to the circumstances he could request for Bank of America to put the judgement on hold status. The funny part is I'm now 40 weeks pregnant which I told him and he didn't say anything when I told him I was about to get induced into labor and couldn't discuss this right now. Sounded fishy to me. My husband said maybe a company just trying to get my money instead of the collection company. Also, I am still receiving phone calls by Bank of America. Sounds funny to me.
2008-02-01 by cathy
very rude and very rude person who calls then hangs up
2008-01-28 by victim
calls come from 500-000-0000, redudently- over and over some messages and some times they do leave messages. male states he is reviewing the case before him against "my name" for arbitration. if no call back will be forced to pursue with case and arbitration.
2008-01-25 by another vic
My wife had recieving many calls from this 1-500-000-0000. The first time she answered and were looking for someone she had never heard of. So she told them that she didn't know who he was and they started calling her a liar andwe very rude so she hung up. She hadn't answered the phone again and finally recieved a text from "129"say to call a number. So I called T-mobile my SP and found out the "129" text number is to page the person. After I found this out I called the number (716)-614-7540. It was to Crediters interchange. I asked why they had been calling my wife and they couldn't give me an answer. They also told me that my wife's number wasn't in thier database. also I told him this 1-500 number that keeps calling my wife and He told me that was thier number. The man was very nice and placed my wifes number on a DO NOT call list. So if anyone else is having a problem you may want to give that number a call to get your number put on that list. I'm not sure if it worked yet but will post later to let you all know if we have or haven't recieved another call, but its worth a shot.
2008-01-25 by Kristine
Just received 2 phone calls from 500-000-0000 on my work cell phone.Tried to explain I'm not the person they want.  Refused to give some informationbut gave out what is owed.  My work number was given in fraud.Thanks to this board and simulair boards I have more information. to stopthese calls.  I was told to get a new number by the attorney generalI can't this is a work number you can't change a business ID.
2008-01-23 by Just anouther Haraasment Vic
Identified themselves as CIN and tried to give the impression they are a law office. Yes FDCA is written to "protect us", however the "truth" is the only real protection we have from people like this is these boards like this where we remind each the person listed above mentioned them saying they missed them in court..when they never got served. So that "we" all know "our" rights and who these sharks really are and thier "scare tactics". Remember, they are salesmen...and they get a commision off of those they can scare into giving them money. Granted they have a right to collect what is owed, but this is America and too many of our kids have died defending our freedom to put up with "mobster tatics" from these people. Remember many of the same laws that proect the Multibillion dollar companies from debt collectors (probally the same ones calling you) also protects the consumer as well. Have faith and stick together :)
2008-01-18 by Harrassment Victim
The first time the rep called, he left a message on my voicemail saying that it is concerning a legal matter in civil court of my county.  I called back and it was a rep from Creditor's Interchange on behalf of a debt collection for Bank of America.  I did owe, however, I attempted to make payments in which the rep would not accept.  Therefore, I stopped answering calls.  The rep called my phone and left several messages daily and eventually started calling my job.  The rep then left a rude message with my coworker and told her very personal information regarding me not paying my debt.  (I know this violates the FDCPA).  The same rep called my place of employment and eventually accused my coworkers of lying when I would really be out of the office.  He was very rude and had a habit of hanging up in my coworkers faces.  One coworker eventually reported this behavior to the supervisor and I haven't received any calls from this company at work since.
2008-01-16 by mind
The idiot call me and asked for the person name that I never heard off.  She also call me a liar for what I told her.  Later the conversation she said something that really racist.
2007-12-07 by great grannie
no one there but left loud music on my phone message
2007-12-05 by aaaaaaaaa
called my mother looking for my late father. my mother told him he passed aaway 3 years ago and hung up thinking it was a telemarketer. the man called back right away and yelled at my mother for hanging up so fast. She then told him again he isn't here and asked if he was born in January. my mother asked who was calling and would not answer so she hung up again. i called the number and operator says the call cannot be completed as dialed.
2007-11-29 by Jane Doe
They called my mother's house saying I didn't show up in court today and they are looking for me.  Hello?!?  Idiots!  As if I wouldn't have had to get served first.  Better yet, if I failed to appear their judgement would have been automatically granted and they wouldn't have to come "find" me.  Under the FDCPA they are not allowed to lie, but that sure doesn't stop some of these bottom feeders.
2007-11-08 by Parrott
We rc'd several calls from this number.  No msg was left.
2007-11-08 by Victim of B of A harrassment
I have received calls to my place of employment approx. 5 times yesterday.  Today the caller was shouting on the message.  Review the Fair Debt collection Practices Act.
2007-08-10 by BobBobBob
Got a call from them, first on one number and then on another.  The person says his name, and that he's "calling you from my office out of Buffalo NY" for "my client, Bank of America" which "has retained my office to represent them regarding a pending legal matter".  Unfortunately, in my case, it's a valid call (an unpaid credit card).  He said for me to call him back at 1-800-545-2386 (which, interestingly, isn't listed in the database).

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