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2009-06-28 by Debbie
I don't even owe any kind of Sears or Citibank Cardand they never leave a message.   502-522-9998 I have lifelock and no reports of anyone tryingto use my name or obtaining credit.And I don't own a cell phone.
2009-04-21 by MAXINE
2009-03-06 by kelly
Was constantly getting phone calls from this number until 9pm at night....finally got fed up and answered it, was a bill collector for Sears...they had entered my address information wrong and was mailing bills to wrong address. Requested address to be corrected and late fees to be removed. I also demanded to be removed from collections call list. You would think Sears Billing/Customer Service would have caught this before shipping it to a COLLECTION AGENCY!
2009-01-16 by Gilly
I too am getting these phone calls to my cell phone. I call them back at the number on my id and it says it is an invalid number. The number that I get calls on are 502 522 9998 and 502 357 7999. I get three or four a day on my cell. I don't have a credit card with Citibank either but I have reported this abuse with the FTC. This is nuts that they can use my cell phone time and I can't do anything about it.
2008-11-18 by kristina
They called but no message was left. Who is this?
2008-11-11 by John
If you receive calls from 502-522-9998 call the FTC in Atlanta at 404-656-1390 and add your complaint to this reference number #20824396.  The FTC will sue Citibank to stop this abusive practice.
2008-09-17 by amaya
this number called 502-522-9998 I wasn't home to receive it but the message was all loud static and you can kinda here a man singing in the background. I don't owe sears and don't have a home depot card. so why are they calling me. american idle he's not
2008-09-16 by Nathaniel
Alex, you are as dense as they come if you think mommy dearest can stop a creditor from calling someone who owes them money. You are deluded to think that some two bit cop can do anything about collections calls. Pay your bill, be a stand up person, and quit using so much vulgar language.
2008-09-10 by alex
they keep callin and  it is pissing me the f*** off next time they call i m getting my mother involved who is the sherrif and it wont be pretty i have told them to stop a billion times!
2008-07-30 by dude
computer puts you hold forever, they call about 4 times a day.
2008-06-08 by Fed Up With these Calls
Received 3 calls from 502-522-9998 and one from 502-357-7999 No one on the line, and when I did not answer no message was left. Phoned the number from a landline phone and a recording comes on to thank you for calling and the hours they can be reached.
2008-02-22 by Rick
This is Citicard usually calling for Sears or Home Depot.  They never leave a message.  Just answer the phone or pay your bill and they will stop calling
2008-01-03 by Terry
I just called this number - they are connnected to CitiCards - maybe a Sears Card.  The rep. I talked to was very helpful - I suggest answering the phone the next time you get call and see if they can help - she's going to try to get me on some kind of program to help pay off the card.
2008-01-03 by 819daisy
I keep getting calls about 4 times a day. I know it is a collector from Sears and I have already told them I am enrolling in a program to pay off this debt. I wish they would put that in their records and stop harassing me and bother someone who isn't intending on paying their debt because I am!
2007-12-30 by Libs
I have had several calls from this number three on 12/23/207 amd on on 12/23/2007; the called ID that comes us is Kentucky
2007-12-30 by Libs
I have had several calls from this number three on 12/24/207 amd on 12/23/2007; the caller ID that comes up is Kentucky
2007-12-22 by rue88
1-502-522-9998 calls our house every 2 hours all day long! I have HAD IT! I am about to change my phone number.
2007-12-22 by Me
This is Sears Credit card company
2007-12-04 by brian
I get a call at least 6 times a day.  Never leaves a message and no one ever is there if I do answer.Found this:Sumner's Backhoe & Electrical   2174 South Rd   Cadiz   KY   42211-6625   tel: 502-522-9998 - Trigg County
2007-07-14 by carl
They call 4-5 times per day and don't leave a message. They call at 8:01am and call until 8:55pm.

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