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2011-01-23 by EB
I got the exact same call today, and I'm not too happy to find out it's some type of scam. Said her name was Debbie, saw my resume online, calling from Livonia but couldn't understand the company she said. Called back and went to a voicemail that wasn't set-up. Very weird, and not cool at all!
2011-01-21 by JJ
Thanks for the tip guys...I will avoid calling back. She said her name was Debbie, but she was obviously Indian (Debbie is a common name there?), and stated that she found my resume online. The weird thing is she gave me this callback number, but she called from Springfield, Illinois. Also, it sounded like she was calling from a bus stop.
2010-11-23 by Sara replies to noscammersplease4 Oct 2010Hi!  I got the same message saying she saw my resume'.  I tried calling her back, because I do have a resume' online.  I got her vm and it wasn't accepting any more messages. When she called I couldn't understa
has anyone went to the interview
2010-09-30 by noscammersplease
some women called and asked if i was still looking for a job.  i asked her how she got my number and she claimed from  she said there was no email on the site for me which is crap. i told her i wasn't falling for her scam.

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