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2008-04-11 by brandon
I work for DCS and while we might be scumbags we have the very challenging task of collecting federal laons. If you dont want us calling over and over its better to just answer the phone and be honest. If you dont know the person thats all you have to say. If you have nothing to hide then why are you hiding. Pay you federal dbts, or they will take the money from you some way.
2008-04-04 by Sam
my mom received a call from DCS Inc. from the # 209-858-3580. A lady named Liz called and wanted my mom's address and phone number and then asked for her social security number. Then she asked about my brother, who lives in the same county, and my grandmother, who lives next door. My mom asked for more information but she wouldn't give it to her. She wouldn't even say why she was calling. Very strange.
2008-03-21 by jack
Extremely rude people. They have a hell of a nerve calling people cold out of the phone book.  This should be illegal, especially when you have signed up for the do not call list.
2008-03-14 by nibbles
yes, i owe; yes, i can't pay.these people are not licensed to collect in my state.  at least, not from oregon.
2008-03-12 by Bill Christensen
I too recieved a call from this number and also recieved a message from a Julie Wynn but as to how they got this number is beyond me as I never give my home number out to any places that I have applied for loans with I only give my cell number.  The number showed up on my Caller Id and cake up as an unknown number but when I listedn to the message then I foun the name of the company out
2008-03-11 by dennis
Do not answer this #.
2008-02-22 by Ashley
lady called looking for address 8305 looking for stephaine. asked if there was houses next door . i told her yes but i was unfamiliar with my nieghbors and i couldnt help.
2008-02-20 by Dave
Was teaching class when my phone went off... looked at the number... don't know anyone in Oregon so, not wanting any further interruption of my class, hung up on them. When lunch came around I did a google of number and came to this site. I appreciate those that have taken the time to let people know about this number and what they are doing... definately won't be taking any calls from them! Thanks to all... BTW... my credit is fine!
2008-02-08 by BW
Caller named Scott Grey called asking for Mark Butler. Said he lived in the same place as us and wanted his phone#. He said he would try another number and call back in a half hour to talk to my husband. Very strange, he acted like I should know him and I have never even heard of him before.
2008-02-02 by b
they call for a reference. Saying "I'm calling because nancy put you down as a reference" when I ask reference for what they don't answer they just say "well do you know her? why would she have put you down as a reference if you're not going to give one for her" if you say sure I'll give a reference then they pull the lets verify the address and phone number of the person they are trying to get the "reference" from... nice move, but NO ONE checking references askes YOU for the phone number and address of the person applying for ANYTHING. They are suck blow hards, I hate them. BTW I dont' know anyone named nancy I just like giving them one, six, zero, zero Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington 20500 as the address and 202-456-1111 for the phone number. they are such dumbasses they don't realize it's the whitehouse...
2008-01-03 by Ann
I got a call today from this number looking for someone with the same last name that lives in a city about an hour from here.  Totally irritating that they'd call any name out of the phone book looking for collections.  I'd heard of these things before, so I messed with her a bit "why do you want to contact him?" sorta questions.  Dumbasses.  Like I'd give out contact information to some stranger contacting me.  I wish I could report this as illegal activity.
2007-12-10 by Mell
I got a call and they asked for me and my wife by name, but at the same time, they were looking for someone else that supposedly lives up the street from me. Her name was Jacquelyn and she was looking for Matt....??? Crazy but weird. Someone tell me what's up??
2007-12-08 by Cotik
The scumbags from Diversified Collection Services specialize not only in student loans but in any unpaid Government Loans. The harassing calls occur anytime of the day and night home and cell numbers. I have Verizon and from what I was able to gather from some other people that are being harassed they also have Verizon. I was wondering if Verizon sells personal information to DCS and they do their "Fishing Expedition"  by matching names to phone numbers?
2007-12-05 by KCE
Some man called asking for someone with my last name but no one I ever heard of. I told him he had the wrong number. He kept on about how old they would be, etc. I called back the caller ID number to see who they were and the woman I got transferred me to "Paul" who wouldn't tell me anything unless I was that person he asked for. I have no idea why they would be cold calling people in this area, but I don't know who they were talking about!
2007-10-03 by Harlan
called and left no message
2007-09-14 by jack
you can be on the do-not-call list and still recieve calls from collection agencies, that list doesnt apply to creditors. if they have the wrong #, simply asked them not to call you again. but when that debt gets transfered to another agency, your probably gonna get another call from that new agency.
2007-09-11 by Octavio Rey
Someone named Emily called for someone else. I told her that she had the wrong number. They have called me before on my cell number months ago. I am on a do not call list for a reason.
2007-09-08 by Mom of 2 Cats
Diversified Collection Services, Inc.P.O. Box 9049Pleasanton, CA 94566-9049(888) 335-6267Yea, they are one of many scumbag collection agencies who contract with the U.S. Department of Education. Others include NCO financial, GC Group and West Asset Management, all of which have reputations worse than rat poop. prime example of the fox guarding the henhouse....
2007-09-07 by steve
this is a collection agency that works for department of education. they submit garnishments and lawsuits for defaulted student loans. if you have a student loan, be carefull, they are serious!!!! They got me into garnishment before i even knew what was going on.
2007-06-08 by Jamie
Someone named Julie Wynn called and left a message for someone what wasn't me.  When I called the number on caller id, they said it was collection agency so I called the no. and asked to speak to her stating, I was returning a call.  They didn't have any of my information, but kept asking for my social over the phone.  I told them I wasn't going to give them any of my information, if they didn't already have it.  Weird, something is fishy!

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