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2008-09-18 by donna
received call on my cell phone from gentleman who said he was calling from kids first and would like me to review 2 movies for free with no catch and they would even be willing to pay for my phone call. I found it strange a company named kids first would offer 2 movies for whatever age group I chose. I declined and requested they remove me from the calling list. The gentleman was not pushy at all and very polite
2008-09-18 by Shelia
They just called me a few minutes ago.  I did not answer the call.
2008-09-18 by Lati
They Just called I did Answer and calledI Reversed Looked up and It didnt Find a match and they didnt say anything
2008-09-18 by bg
they just called me, I ignored it and no message was left.  I to am on the donotcalllist and will be reporting them
2008-09-18 by Wondering
i rec'd a call 9/18/08 8:52 am PST. No msg.
2008-09-18 by weird
I received a call at 9:06 AM PST and I have no idea who it is. I didn't answer
2008-09-18 by Kate
Called me at 9:08 PST didn't leave a message, I'm on the Do not call list as well
2008-09-18 by sara
dont call me!! leave me alone!!
2008-09-18 by Tiana
I too just received a call from this number and I am on the do not call list, who are these people and why if we are all on the do not call list are they calling us?
2008-09-18 by Trog
Just received a call on my cell. I didn't pick up because I didn't recognize it. No msg left. Googled the number and found myself here.
2008-09-18 by SANDY
Just got a call from this man, said HI i am calling from Kid's first and I told him this was a private phone but he continued to repeat who he was. I HUNG UP ON HIM. How do these people get away with calling cell numbers, I am going to report him to my cell phone company to block him from any further calls.
2008-09-17 by krizzle
i just got a call from that number at 6:51 pm PST.weird. no idea who it was, i didnt pick up.
2008-09-17 by sue
i got a call from this number at 8:09pm PST 9/16/08, who is this? i didn't answer since i don't know, plus the fact that my phone is registered on the national "DO NOT CALL LIST"!!!
2008-09-17 by tyler
i just got the same phone call weird
2008-09-17 by ACCLWA
The name of this company is Kids First.  They are like Feature Family Films.  They promote good movies for kids to watch.  It is a computer generated program. It is quite good it took me a while to figure out it was automated and not a real person I was talking to.
2008-09-17 by Damion
Has anyone actualy gotten anything from them? The lady I spoke to says they just pick an area code and and start dialing random numbers.. Sounds pretty fishy to me.575 382 9984 I encourage anyone and everyone to call and bombard them with calls.
2008-09-17 by sim
2 of us in the work place just got a call from that # pretty much at the same time!  i know my cell phone wasn't given out
2008-09-16 by Sam
I'd like to know who is calling.
2008-09-16 by Terry G.
I just got a call from that same number and I have no idea who it is.
2008-09-16 by Mandy
I just got a call from this number too!  A reverse phone number lookup said it was "Kids First" but it doesn't say where it is. Weird.

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