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2010-05-04 by Anonymous
Just received a call from this number, didn't answer.
2010-04-27 by Annoyed person
Apparently, they are calling 604 numbers today and asking if I am a Stephen Harper supporter. I told her to take my number off the list. Bollocks!
2010-04-26 by Patrick replies to Cheryl13 Apr 2010Its from the Conservative Party, political parties are not required to obey the non call list.Reply ! Marie replies to Patrick23 Apr 2010They do have to obey the law;  if you answer and tell them to take you off their
Very irritating that they hide the name behind their phone number..."6136679148" is the Conservative Party of Canada.  Too embarrassed to admit who their are they they call cap in hand asking for donations...
2010-04-13 by Grape
These morons are blanketing Alberta with calls now - imagine that - Cons asking Albertans about something? Nope, just dead air, like all politicians, once elected...Long live the memories of (the early) Ralph and Bill Clinton - too stupid to do any real damage. They are missed.Now we got Mini-Hitler-Harper and "3rd horse in a 3 horse race" ED Stumble-mach. Like I said DEAD AIR.
2010-04-11 by Cheryl
This number calls on average a couple of times a day.  Has been for at least two months now - maybe more.  Never leaves a message, and when I do answer, it's just dead air on the other end.  Most frustrating, especially because I'm on the "Do Not Call" list!
2010-04-06 by shadowvlican
calls several times a day but never leaves a messagei just let my answering machine deal with them
2010-03-23 by Ivan
I get plenty of calls from this number, lucky me, I'm never around when they do call.   I'm not too crazy about the name displayed, it's just the number between double quotes:   "6136679148"   no actual name. As noted by other entries, if this is really for political contribution,  the least they can do is display the party name.   Makes it "more legit", less scam, no ?
2010-03-06 by 6136679148
called twice today, I turned on my fax machine the last time they called
2010-03-05 by LWJ01998
Just had a call..  did not answer.
2010-03-05 by Dinsdale Raddatz
Just received a call from someone, asking for me by name, Mrs. Raddatz, and that he was calling on behalf of Harper's Conservatives....when I told him 'that wouldn't be me' he wanted, he thought I meant I wasn't Mrs. Raddatz.  I informed him I was Mrs. Raddatz, but I'm not a supporter of the Conservative Party and then he was quite rude and hung up.  If Mr. Harper has people such as this man working on his behalf, then he'd better start praying if he wants to stay in office.
2010-03-01 by Valerie
This person called Vancouver March 1st did not answer because I did not know the # even though I have family in Ontario which is where the area code is from.
2010-02-28 by Elena
I would like to know who called me from this number as the number is not listed on canada411 reverse search. Thank you
2010-02-22 by Momoftwo
They phoned several times in late 2009 looking for my husband, he was home the last time and told them we weren't interested in giving them money.  This time they asked for my daughter's name, I told the gentleman that she is 4 and to take our number off of their list.  My phone is supposed to block unknown name and numbers so I guess to get around it they have their number come up as the name.  Ticks me off to no end.
2010-02-15 by rob
Supporter Services - looking for people who support the conservative party.
2010-02-08 by Caitlin
A scam I'm assuming? Really big in Vancouver, BC right now...Considering most political calls have the parties name listed
2010-01-31 by Jim
Conversative Gov't party looking for donations.
2010-01-30 by melanie
Called on a saturday at 5pm, asking for my ex boyfriend who hasn't lived here in about 2 years.
2010-01-28 by Christine
Just got a call from this # like 10 mins. ago. asked if Mr. so and so was there (actually the lady used my last name in paticular) so i told her no, hes not here, then she asked if Mrs (again, using my last name) was there. i said no but this is his daughter(big mistake on my part?), and shes like oh, okay, ill try back later then.

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