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2008-09-04 by Betty
Received a call from this number at 2:08 PST. A man with a garbled accent and difficult to understand asked what my office hours were. I told him I thought he had the wrong number and he again asked what my office hours were. I asked who he was trying to call but he did not answer, paused a while, and then hung up.
2008-08-25 by I'm not stupid
It is a scammer for sure....  Tries to  give away or sell very very cheap purebred dogs,Birds you name it... on cregslist,and many other pet sites.. trys to get money from you to ship the animals calls it re-homing... sad sob story to tug at animals lovers heart and wants money sent through western union.. their has to be a way to track these losers somehow....  anyone have any ideas how?
2008-07-24 by Narinder Munjal
I just received a about 7-8 calls today and i finally answered one indian spoke in Hindi as i answered he hang Up
2008-07-12 by Kelly
This pig called my husband's cell at least 7 times in a row.  How do they get the cell phone numbers?
2008-06-26 by Perla
I just recieved a about 7-8 calls yesterday and i finaly answered it. a lady asked to speak with me (spoke in spanish) mentioned they were a program for hispanics who do not know how to speak the english language yet. i explained to her i spoke English and she hung up.  I tried calling the number back but also got a message that it was out of my calling area.  i again today have recieved several calls from this number again. I want to know who sold my number for them to be calling me!!!!!!!
2008-05-30 by Drew
I feel compelled to leave a comment regarding this number.  As Michael commented, this APPEARS to be CallCentric blocked number.  Interesting thing though, I am a CallCentric customer and I'm getting calls from this number to another number.  They are a really good VOIP provider so I've decided to stick with them.  However, the thing that we all need to keep in mind is that call centers such as this one can use ANY CallerID they want.  I had these idiots calling other people using MY 800# as the return number.  Imagine my surprise when I had people calling me (AT MY EXPENSE) to yell at me for calling them.  Be vary wary, call centers can set the number that appears on you CallerID box at will (even with your own number).
2008-05-02 by Michael
626-771-0198 refers to a number that is blocked. When you block a number on CallCentric (a VOIP phone company) the blocked number caller id is 626-771-0198.  Any calls you get from this number are because they are blocked, but they are from the service provider
2008-04-23 by suspicious
Received a call from this number.  They asked if I spoke Spanish.  I said no and asked how I could help them (mine is a business number) and they said they only spoke Spanish, but they said all this in English.
2008-04-20 by rebelsdf
I got a call from this number. My husnband answerec and told them I wasnt home. they refused to leave a name but said it was in reference to an interview and would call back the next day. They have not called back. When I tried to call the nuber listed on my caller ID, I was told I copuld not connect to that region. Scammer!
2008-04-19 by Marcus
I got a call from this number and they claimed to have seen my Resume online. When I asked what they did dhe told me Real Estate Investments and just asked "what time for me is better for an interview, Tuesday or Wednesday?" I asked more questions but she gave me short blunt answers that seemed as if they were off the top of her head. This is definitely a fake company and number!
2008-04-14 by Betty
I had a phone call from a man who asked for my husband. I asked " Who is this?" He told me it was none of my business so I answered " Then it is none of your business if he is here or not." He said he had business with my husband and I hung up on him.
2008-03-26 by Murph
I am a scambaiter.  This man is a scammer.  A nigerian 419er to be exact.  The 419 refers to the region in nigeria where this scam originated but it has spread out to neighboring countries as well as Canada and the USA.  The scam has changed and continues to change daily, but the bottom line still exist.  The most basic form of this scam is simple.  You receive a email from a stranger "claiming" to need your help with getting millions of dollars transferred overseas and out of nigeria.  You are promised a percentage of this money as a reward for your help.  How nice.  Of course, right before it seems you are about to get your reward, a sudden fee shows up which you are needed to pay and wire via Western Union.  After losing your hard earned money, the scam could stop there.  Its up to the scammer.  Some will try and extort more money, others will take their money and run.  The scam is basic.  I have money and if you want this money you have to send me money.  Its shocking how many people fall for it, but, its nigerias #1 industry.  Similiar scams are the "you have won the internet lottery" (which I have personally won about 200 times) and all forms of fraud check scams.  This can lead anywhere from buying things off of ebay, or personal ads or anything which requires up front paying.  Basically, if you are selling something the scammer contacts you and shows interest.  One thing that seems to give them away is their eagerness to buy what you are selling with little regard to the price.  But, if you want to sell, you sometimes miss or ignore this tell tale sign.  So lets say you wish to sell a widget for $500.  They agree to the price and want to mail you a bank check or money order or some really real looking check, but the catch is they want to send you this check in a higher denomination then your request.  In turn, they want you to cash the amount and send back the difference via western union.  Seems harmless enough and in most cases your bank seems to clear the bogus check, comes back.  Could take weeks.  But it comes back and now the scammer is LONG gone and you are responsible for the check.  The scammers have also shown up on dating sites pretending to be interested in someone, falling in love way to fast, and suddenly, needing money for plane tickets, green cards, etc. so that they can come and visit and start a new life.  I even had one guy claim to be a assassin who was hired to kill me but if I was willing to pay the amount that the person who hired gave him, he would spare my life.  He claimed to have been following me for 10 days and knew where I worked, lived and what I drove.  I asked him what I drove and, I kid you not, described my vehicle "4 wheels, doors and glass".  Wow, he had me pegged.  This man with this number in nothing but a scammer.  He can't be reported to the police and the noise you hear in the backround in most cases is the noise of the internet cafe that breeds these criminals.  There is nothing that can be done with these people outside of ignoring them or doing what I do.  Waste their time in thinking that you are a sucker.  I send them to airports waiting for me to step off a plane I never got on.  I tell them I sent them money via western union and send them back and forth to the place time and time again only to leave empty handed.  My goal is to waste their time so that they have less time to scam someone who might actually be dumb enough to fall for it.  This man is a scammer.  If you want more information, feel free to email me at
2008-03-19 by Sam kum
Got a call from this number and left no message. when i called back the message says "You cant call this number from your calling area".
2008-01-04 by Stella Levin
I'm getting phone calls every 5 minutes, when I tried to call back, the message sais that you can't call this number from your calling area.
2007-11-17 by Karine
This number called me three times and when i try to call back it says i can't call it from my calling area i have unlimited long distance no voice mail was left
2007-11-17 by Karine
This number called me three times and when i try to call back it says i can't call it from my calling area i have unlimited long distance no voice mail was left
2007-11-17 by Tom
Got a call from this number soliciting money to buy a Capuchin monkey. Stated his name was Asley...?
2007-11-06 by Carla
Called my number in western Canada.  Taped message was incomprehensible.
2007-10-31 by jh
they called themselves "CAnadian Universal" First caller said this was a credit company. Next guy said they were wholesalers and he wanted to do a 10-second survey. He asked a bunch of phishing questions and there is no doubt these callers are looking for easy victims to some kind of fraud. They are using a Callcentric internet number. Either they are getting people's information somehow from within that system, whether by hacking or by affiliation with the organization, or they are simply using callcentric to make their calls. The latter, however, would have to have been a pretty extreme coincidence, given that a family member who calls me from abroad had just begun using this very service (of which I had never heard prior) like the week before these calls started coming in. WAtch out Callcentric Users!
2007-09-06 by Callie
got the call  was on the phone so it went to voice mail....they just kept silent and let the voice mail go on and on.

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