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2009-03-05 by Jennifer
I received a call from these people too and i have  to  say, these people do not have a clue about politeness, It's a wonder if they have any morals or values of any kind the way they speak to people, The 678-250-7180 are not attorney's they are just another annoying phone call,I asked if i could get a  copy of what i was supposed to be paying them, they said they could not send me anything because that would be illegal. BULL!!!!!!   I hope i have heard the last of those people.
2009-03-05 by chris holmes
I recieved a call from the 866 number. A hispanic man named Jason? asked me if my name was me, i said "yes" then asked me if the last four of my social were mine? i said "yes". Then he proceeded to tell me that he had to "splain?" something to me, put me on hold, music played for app.15 secs. Then this Brent guy (no last name?) starts chastizing me about a past medical bill. I explained to him my circumstances at the present moment, he said he didn't care, and said, not asked me!, "so how are you paying this bill, how much money you giving me today?" When i asked him "how much was he looking for? i only get paid every 2 weeks!" he told me "$100.00 a paycheck" i said to him "I can't afford that!" He said "well that's the amount, that's it, how you paying me today, to take care of this?" I asked "why are you being RUDE? i'm not trying to "bust your chops" or anything." He said "Oh believe me that would never happen,never F---en happen, trust me!" I asked him "oh so what, you're a tough guy or something?". He again said " i want $100.00 that's the price!" I then told him to "F--K OFF you get nothing then! until you learn how to talk and be polite to people, you want to be an a**hole to me, I'll can be an a**hole right back, and hung up!!!!
2009-02-27 by Bobby
they call me everyday as well. i have NO clue who they are or what they want. i just blocked them
2009-01-28 by MJ
Kept calling every day. Found this site, knew we didn't owe anyone money and called them back. Got someone on the phone. They were looking for somebody completely different. Said they would remove our # from their list. will let you know if they do not.
2009-01-13 by d
collection agency generic message leftclaiming a balance is due ...from a Ms Jones
2009-01-13 by b
calls and says from Ms Jones return her callbecause you owe money to Atty Brent Stamps 866 947 5972 unprofessional ...should not call employers anyway !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2008-12-05 by Mahi
Calls 2 to 3 times a day, week, for a whole month. I called back and they gave the name of Law office for Brent Stamps.  These people are retards, and unprofessionals.  They leave messages that's like the mind of kids.  Never identify themselves or who they are trying to reach.  After 2 weeks the messages changed and another number given to call 866-947-5972.  Currently, the message changed again with the name of the person as Autumn from Branch Defense (ha ha ha!!!).  How real is that?  Annoying on my cell phones.  I don't answer the calls to have my minutes used.  How do you block on a cell phone.  There is another number for Brent Stamps law office, 678-969-9188.
2008-11-17 by tee
always calling robo call but no one answer, when call back tells you to please leave message, collection based d in Atlanta area, block them
2008-09-24 by Laura
I called and waited on the line to speak with a representative...told them they had the wrong number - they stated they would remove me from the calling list.
2008-09-17 by dave
they call every morning waking up my kids at 8:30 / i thne call them back eveyday and cuss them out.
2008-09-17 by Shane
How do we get them to stop calling?Everytime I call back, I get a message telling me to leave a message...
2008-07-30 by xxy
Just about everyday. It is my business blackberry they are calling.
2008-07-25 by Skipper
They are a collection agency. The agent calling doesn have a damn law degree. the are just stupid ghetto trainee misrepresenting themselves for a lawyer (They don't even have an HS degree)Don't pay them a dime.Look at this page and you will find their whereabouts. addition to the number up been routed out of georgia, here are some of their number:678-969-7857678-916-5966678-916-5965770-881-7088By law they have to send you a noticed of debt claim thru mail verifying the debt in question before even starting calling you. Because none of the people calling you knows how to write, they prefer profanity because they are uneducated.YOU CAN BLOCK THEIR NUMBER BY DIALLING *77 (THEN THE NUMBER) IF YOU ARE IN GA
2008-06-24 by weewee
calls constantly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2008-05-31 by Vlad P.
They call me every morning between 9:00 and 11:00 Am. It is something about a lawyer office.
2008-05-20 by Jason
Attorney's office of Brett Stance
2008-05-20 by Mary Kelley
This number belongs to the law office of Brent Stamps in Norcross, GA. They have called me repeatedly and I believe they have the wrong number.
2008-05-07 by AJC
This is a business number - do not call this number again.  (404-526-2636)
2008-04-11 by nikki
lawyers office represting a client for past due debt on a bill...good luck
2008-04-05 by who?
calls lvs msg

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