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2008-11-11 by Anonymous
It's Old Navy/ Gap/ BR..if they're not calling about a balance owed, then its some promotional offer...I got both types of calls. Like most American companies, theyve outsourced their jobs to India, hence, the indecipherable accents.
2008-10-23 by Not an Idiot
They are trying to steal your personal information dum dums.Your phone company sold them your number and name.
2008-10-14 by ESB
they call me every day 5 times a day and leaves no message. It is starting to make me mad.
2008-10-08 by Anonymous
It's Old Navy wanting money. Won't leave a message. Calling them back is useless. Very rude.
2008-10-08 by KNW
I have repeatedly been receiving calls from this number.  I even told them to remove my number from their database and they STILL call. They said they are not a collection agency.  I think they have something to do with OLD NAVY. I have a zero balance on my OLD NAVY account so it can't be a collections call.  Some of the people speak perfect English and other sound foreign. I thought companies had to remove you from their calling database if you specifically requested them to do so which I did.  Is there some law enforcement agency that I can contact to have them intervene?
2008-10-04 by Robert
Calls several times a day. Does not leave message.  Very annoying.
2008-10-03 by Jen
I think this may be a collector for Gap/Banana Republic/Old Navy...
2008-09-15 by thai
Well thanks for the info guys! This is probably someone that is just trying to get personal info for god knows what!
2008-09-06 by Heather
Used to leave an automated message that asked me to call them back, even if I answered. I have never called them back. They have been calling for a few weeks now almost daily! They don't leave messages anymore?
2008-08-09 by bob johnson
called at least 3 or 4 times today. when i pick up the receiver nobody is there.
2008-08-02 by jes
keeps calling me but would never leave a to be from a company trying to collect money but sounds fishy because the person dosen'yt speak clear english
2008-05-10 by Cindy
calls several time a day and will not talk or leave a message
2008-03-19 by Dylan
Calls Several Times A Day
2008-03-10 by manny
thes is a real number from gemb bank
2008-03-08 by alicia
has called me several times today but wont speak.  shows ge money
2008-03-08 by alicia
has called me several times today but wont speak.  shows ge money
2008-03-08 by alicia
has called me several times today but wont speak.  shows ge money
2008-03-06 by Dell Frye
Caller ID says GE MONEY.  I actually answered, then heard some clicking and some thick accented India sounding guy asked for my wife by her first name.  I said I was her husband and he said he was calling about a delinquent account.  I asked him to mail us a statement and I would check it out.  He persisted in trying to "confirm the social security number".  I told him to f*** off and die.
2008-03-03 by Jodi Rutter
Called me four times today!
2008-01-25 by elf
Keeps calling 10 times a day and leaves no message.  Claims to be GE Money on Caller id.

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