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2009-03-06 by Ernie
I am getting 6 to 8 calls a day from people in my area code trying to recall this co! My 7 digit number is their area code plus the first 4 numbers. Phone co. said they can't help.
2009-02-17 by librarian
A woman came in the library where I worked and claimed that she was billed $30 on her phone bill for a "yellow pages ad" when she answered this number and pressed "one" to indicate she received the phone book.  My advice: do NOT answer this caller at all.
2009-02-13 by Al
Evidently this is outfit that delivers the yellow book phone directories. Call is to ask if you got your copy. I got this from another website.
2008-12-26 by Maggie Bergara
Rang four times, hung up.  I don't recognize the number which is why I didn't pick up
2008-09-30 by Tom
No Voice Mail just hang upReporting to Do Not Call List
2008-08-22 by NO NAME
Work for company. We are just trying to verify you received a phone book thats all.
2008-07-09 by stella
who is this calling my #
2008-07-07 by budd
I believe that it was the phone co calling to see if we received a phone book.
2008-05-11 by Charlotte Parsons
I received the call from that phone number and SDDS INC III also, a few days ago.
2008-05-11 by Charlotte Parsons
It seemed suspicious.
2008-05-07 by strawberry8272
number on my caller id at 8:26 p.m. did not leave message, but did repeat to call.
2008-03-04 by YM
Did not answer, was on my Caller ID
2008-03-04 by YM
Did not answer, was on my Caller ID
2007-12-11 by dar
came up on caller id as sdds, inc iii.  although I didnpt speak with anyone I think they may be checking to see if we got our phone books. I looked up the company and that's what they do.
2007-11-11 by HC
No VM left...
2007-10-11 by Annoyed
I guess the do not call list is just voluntary for some.
2007-09-28 by KM
2007-09-27 by D
Did not answer, was on my Caller ID
2007-09-25 by Lisl
Nothing--no message or person on the other end; just an eventual dial tone.
2007-07-25 by jeng
they didn't leave a vm

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