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2011-01-20 by Laurie
Just received a call from this number and the person was accented and said "I would like to speak to the individual that is responsible for paying the electric bill." I started to tell him that this is a business number and he was trying to tell me he'll call back, but I asked him not to call back as this is a business number. Hopefully they will respect that otherwise next time I will NOT be as nice. Legit businesses should register their phone numbers and not cold call people with "not available". Shady.
2011-01-20 by Kim
This number came up on my Caller ID at 3:18 p.m. 1/20/2011 - NOT AVAILABLEI have Call Intercept on my phone which should block phone numbers like this, yet it still came through.  They do not leave a message and if I answer the phone no one is there.  This is very disturbing.  I do not accept solitation calls at my residence.  I realize telemarketers have to make a living too, but not on my line, I am not interested.
2011-01-11 by GLR
young male called about reducing electric rates by 12%could barely understand him with his ebonics.  he had trouble reading whatever he was trying "axe" meit was probably legit but i hung up anyway.  better than having them come to the door like other companies have been doing.
2010-12-21 by AH
Recd a call 12/21 with caller ID V201339400093 when machine picked up they hung up.
2010-12-01 by Swanson
Asked to speak with the person who handles the electric bill.

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