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2009-12-23 by TonTon
Called me late last night, didn't answer but I was concerned someone was in trouble so I looked the # up today and now I see what that was all about. Thanks for posting people!!
2009-12-18 by bigjim
Received several calls from this number. No reply from the caller when I answer and I can't call them back as only get a recording saying I have to dial area code????
2009-12-13 by SP
I have had numerous calls from MN COP all all hours.  I am sick of it.
2009-12-09 by Lin
Same thing, keeps calling...shows up at MN COP and doesn't leave a message.
2009-12-04 by b wenner
these people keep calling asking for money. I have asked them repeatedly to take me off there list!
2009-11-24 by Dee
Keep getting calls from this number.  Finally decided to check it out.  Thanks!  Now I know not to bother answering the call!
2009-11-17 by Annoyed in St. Paul
They called and hung up.  Good thing it's GiveMN day and I have already contributed online to all the charities I care to this season! is the website.  Every donation will be matched today, Nov. 17.  The scam artists are probably trying to get CC#'s.  I have a seperate card and account for online transactions, and it's empty now.  Ha, Ha!  Phooey on you scammers!
2009-11-17 by Annoyed in St. Paul
Here's an addendum to foiling the scammers who pose as people calling for donations...Tell them you have already contributed and hang up.  Then if you still wish to make a valid donation, shop with your Macy's card with the sharing program.  For every purchase you make until Dec. 31, 2009, Macy's will donate 10% of the purchase price to charities such as the Boy's and Girl's Clubs, Susan G. Komen, Breast Cancer research etc.  Then in Feb or March next year you get a coupon to use on yourself equalling the total amount donated by your holiday purchases.  Just ask for the Sharing program and put it on your Macy's card.
2009-11-13 by Mary
Caller wanted donation. When I said that I might have donated in the past, he said, "no you didn't because we've never called you before." I declined, he wanted to know why. I hung up.
2009-10-21 by Gail
Dead air when I picked up the phone. They called a business number.
2009-10-01 by Cassie K
got a call from this number at 8:00 pm.   No messages left and when I tried to call it back it said this number could not be reached from this area.  Very frustrating get calls like this at 8:00 at night.
2009-09-29 by Ceebs
Didn't answer, and the message was just background noise, no talking. The caller ID tipped me off, as no cop actually refers to themselves asa "cop.". They either use their own rank (detective, sergeant, officer, etc.) or the term "law enforcement.". Just FYI. I've had similar calls, as mention above about donating to police charities, and though they have aufhentic in the past, they now usually use a call service, as police asking for donations can be seen as intimidaton, so they now hire call centers. However, doing that, they lose a huge portionof the money donated (like a prior post mentioned, though inaccuratetly. The money does not go their salaries.)
2009-09-26 by Alexa
When that number called me it said "out of area"this "cop" or whatever said he wanted to talk to me but i said i ws sleeping so hed call other time. im pretty sure he will. but i got so frightenei thought it was arealy copbut now i see this is all a jokemaybe we all should do something about itimpersonating a cop from a police department is not funnyespecially when u wanna steal money.
2009-09-08 by Joking?
Answered call and heard them hang up.  What's up with that?
2009-09-01 by Rachael from MN
I answered the phone just now...cuz I lived in MN and was wondering why the "cops" were calling. I yelled my lungs out on the phone cuz no one said anything but you could hear people in the background....then I slammed down the phone...wonder if they are deaf yet???
2009-08-26 by Lindor
called - message sounded like fax machine and then hung up.  Who answers unknown callers anymore with the caller id capabilities?they must think we will answer because it says MN COP.  What a joke
2009-08-08 by acejavelin
Called and my son answered the phone, claimed to be a Chief of something and when he said he was handing the phone to me they hung up. Should be something we can do about.
2009-08-07 by who's calling?
MN COP comes up on the caller ID. They have called at crazy hours and they never leave a message. Very upsetting - I am on the do not call list and they call anyway.
2009-06-25 by Con
These guy's should be in jail.95% of the money you donate to them ( So called Charities )applies to their salaries. It's a scam!
2009-05-14 by HI

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