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2011-01-18 by Misty
I recived the first call from these people today. the number on my cell was this (052-797-815) and yes thats all.  They asked for me, told me that they have all my personal information then stated that my sister had gotten a loan from them and used me as a ref. and that she has not attempted to pay it back and they were filing fraud charges on her. So i told them that i would call her one time and one time only to give her his name (Franklin Black) and the number 772-360-4105. I  also told him that they better not ever call me again about her debt for it was their stupidity for giving her a loan.  There should be a Law against someone using you as a Ref. without the initial company calling to make sure its ok first. Lets see if they call me back
2011-01-12 by RD
For the past month I've been receiving the same annoying calls on a weekly basis. However, from a Austin Jones with a very thick Indian accent. They had my name and SS#. This is most troubling... seem the only thing they did not have is my address. I'll be reporting them after this posting to see how we can stop and capture these Con Artist.
2011-01-05 by Nancygail
I have received 2 calls from this number today.  The first I told him I would have to call back and the second one was to a co-worker who took his name and number.  When I called the number they simply answered "hell0" and when I asked for Paul Akins the person asked my name.  When I gave my name, he stated that he was Adam White a supervisor and proceeded to tell me he was with Law and Investigating Department.  I asked him department of what company and again he said legal law and investigation department and started to tell me about a legal matter against me.  I stopped him and asked if he had my mailing address.  His answer was that they had all my information and I then requested that I be sent in writing the matter he was calling about since I did not discuss legal matters over the phone.  He started to tell me about reporting to this and that about me and I again stressed that I was at work and did not discuss legal matters over the phone.  He was going to transfer me to his supervisor and I said no, I would not talke to him.  A few minutes later, Paul Akins called and wanted to know why I yelled at his co-worker.  I explained that I did not yell, simply stated that I did not discuss  matters over the phone.  He wanted to continue to talk, but I stopped him and said that I would not discuss it over the phone.  Mr. Akins stated he would call me at work at any time and all the time.  I told him to do what he thought was necessary and I would do what I thought was necessary.
2011-01-05 by stacy
i just received a call from this number and the person claimed that his name was john black.  this is the same person that calls me every 2 to 3 months claiming that i owe them money.  they have all of my information and they always say that they have an affidavit against my name.  every time i receive these phone calls, i report them to the authorities.  i guess the authorities can't do anything because i keep getting the same types of calls from different numbers.

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