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2009-05-14 by just me
I got a text message that said 'hi'... turns out, it was a friend who uses skype and had accidently sent the message to me instead of his dinner partner... I was worried because it's a 44 prefix (out of the UK)... but I guess that's where skype comes from.  no worries now.
2009-05-06 by Geoff
011447797806021 just texted me. Tried to call the number in the UK - invalid number. responded to Skype with "STOP", which should block any more texts to me from that number.
2009-05-05 by Filipe
I got a text from the same number +447797806021 saying "miss you"... and I live in the AMazon, BRazil! I lived in the USA so I thought it would be someone from texas, but I don't think that is from there. how can this be a scam with the text "miss you"??
2009-04-21 by Ramses
Seems to be US cellular bridge number for Text Message to European phones that send from England. If you respond to the massage you will reach your original text message sender. If you receive a 'I love you message' do not mix up names in your response as you may receive a I love you message from different US nzmbers without noticing it.
2009-03-25 by James Jacobson
Yesterday I got a SMS saying: "Did you get the g.e. pakeg that i sund you?".It came from the same famous number +447797806021, pay attention to the bad spelling. I sent a reply (maybe I should`nt have done it) demanding to know how sent but nothing came back.Who the f..k is this person? Maybe we all should start sending him SMS and calls endlessly so he would feel the way we feel?????
2009-03-04 by Juntao
I got it at 9:00 am March 4 2009 (EST of USA) but it shows 12:!2pm
2009-02-26 by Bighammer
I got 2 messages saying "Love You xxxxxo" at 20:19 and 20:27 (GMT). My wife is in the USA and would text me from her personel phone so who is this from?
2009-02-16 by PLP
number was +44 779 780 6021I got text "she is wake up"
2009-02-10 by Freaked
I just got a text from this number with 44, but not 011. I'm american, but I have an italian number and the text is in English. They also used my name....It says "___ darling how are you?"I tried to text back, but every time it says "network congestion"
2009-02-09 by hammerson
Just received text message from 011 44 779 780 6021 indicating that my Credit Union bank account has been locked. It states that I must call (856) 832-0295 to restore my bank account.THIS IS A SCAM.
2009-01-03 by Sir Nick
Same thing happened to me as happened to DeltaSierra above.  It's weird.  usually when I send a text message via Skype it arives at the receiver of the text as coming from my usa mobile phone number.  But several times - even when texting a US phone number - ir's listed as having been sent from this UK phone number.
2008-12-17 by DeltaSierra
I sent myself a text message from my computer using SKYPE and that was the number that came up on my cellphone as the SMS Sender, yet my SKYPE is set up to send my real cellphone number which is an American number. Dunno...
2008-11-24 by Ian
My guess is that it is an SMS relaying system in the UK, possibly owned by Vodafone.  I'm having troubles in that only about 1/3 of my SMS to and from overseas (I'm in the US).  The few that do get through to people overseas have this number appended to them.  I'm guessing the rest are getting blocked at this number.  Trying to talk to Vodafone and get to the bottom of it.
2008-10-30 by sara
made a comment about gossip girl.  kind of freaked me out.
2008-10-28 by a
I only got the 44 in front but the rest is the same and the message was written in my native language not english, wth??????
2008-10-25 by someone
I also got this with a 011 and 44 in front of it.  My message said, "too bad, didn't catch you...just bought a new laptop, and i'm eager to test skype here, so GIVE ME A CALL :-) " no idea who this person is.
2008-09-26 by Jack
I got a text message from this number, with 011 and 44 in front of it. Supposely from a woman I met online named Sandra, but the text message singed off as Hazel. I think I'm in the first stages of being scammed.
2008-09-16 by unknown
seriously, who is this person??
2008-04-22 by Boo!
Got Ya!
2008-04-07 by unknown
who are you??

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