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2008-03-20 by Message from Sherry
The message is from Sherry from another site.  She gives excellent information on what to do...Sherry - 29 Mar 2007The Fair Dept Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) governs collection efforts. If you are a third-party being harassed by Wells Fargo, or any other collector, you have certain rights. Here is a website with more information:  Under the FDCPA, they must give you the name of the company calling when you ask for it. Even if you are a third-party they can continue to contact you if they believe you have information that would allow them to find their debtor. However, once you give them that info, or tell them you don't have it and demand that they stop contacting you, they must stop. If they don't stop, keep a record of the calls. Call every Wells Fargo phone number you can find and ask for a phone number for the Auto Finance Legal Dept. When you get a phone number, call and ask for the name, address and fax number of the general counsel (or lead attorney) in charge of the dept. Write a letter detailing the harassment and your requests to have it stopped. If this is not your debt, state that you are a third-party. IMPORTANT: show at the bottom of the letter that you are sending a copy to the complaint dept. at the OCC (Office of the Comptroller of the Currency - the agency that regulates Banks and their subsidiaries - like Wells Fargo). Here's a website for the OCC with an online complaint form: mail or fax the copy of your complaint to: Customer Assistance Group, 1301 McKinney Street, Suite 3450, Houston, TX 77010, FAX: 713-336-4301You will most likely get a letter back from Wells Fargo supposedly apologizing, but really placing the blame on you (this is the phone number their debtor gave them, their collectors didn't really harass you, etc., etc.)  Respond to this letter telling them why it's all bunk, and cc that letter to the OCC too (include a copy of the response from Wells Fargo).IMPORTANT: if you are receiving mail at your home addressed to the person Wells Fargo is trying to find, send it back - with a note written on it that that person does not live at your address.  If Wells Fargo sends you mail and you don't return it, they can assume that you must know where this person is and, therefore, they can start contacting you all over again. Better yet - if you get mail after you have sent your complaint letter, send another complaint letter about the mail! (don't forget to send a copy to the OCC!)
2008-03-18 by Jody
I purchased a car and the dealer financed through Wells Fargo without asking me who I wanted to finance, or without telling me until it was finished.  I din't think too much of it until I didn't receive any info on how or where I should make the payment.  I called them and found out that my payment was due the next day and that I had a ten day grace period.  Thankfully, I didn't give them account information, but told them I would send the check right away, which I did, and explained that I shouldn't have to pay a late fee since I had no information on how or where to make the payment, and didn't even know when it was due.  I have been getting calls all day every day, and they even called my employer!  I am going to pay this loan off in full this week and will NEVER do business with Wells Fargo again.  Their callers are very rude, insulting, degrading, and not at all helpful.  I told one caller that my payment was sent in last week and to stop calling me.  He told me they would call me if they chose and I told him that not only would I never do business with them again, I would do my best to tell everyone I know not to do business with them.  He told me that's ok, because they already have lots of customers.  Pretty cocky and very rude, these callers!
2008-03-08 by Paula
I had a loan with Wells Fargo and last month I paid it off, 2 years earlier than the original loan was due to be paid off.  I have the canceled check and the nice letter that WF sends you telling you what a pleasure it was working with you, blah, blah, blah... For the past week my phone starts ringing at 7 am!!! it's wells fargo wondering when i am going to make my payment!!!!! Morons, its paid off, I have the tittle!!!!! I have faxed them all the crap that they sent me confirming that it has been paid off many times yet they keep calling, is there a lack of bright people out in the working world.  all I have to say is thank god that my other car is not financed through them.
2008-03-07 by Megan7
My car payment is on the 4th of every month, and I have never been more than 3 days late on the payment. Most banks give you a 10 day grace period between when the payment is due and when they start counting it as late. NOT WELLS FARGO. I schedule my payment through my bank and sometimes I wait too long and the payment isn't able to go out for a couple days, and I swear, they start calling, all day long never leaving a message, on the seventh of every month. This month I paid it on the 6th, and now its the 7th and they are calling me anyway. I guess they just like harrasing me.
2008-03-06 by one time Wells Fargo customer
I have dealt with this company one time and it will never happen again as long as I live. We have had several loans through other companies and have never had the problems that we have with this company. As I have read in other comments, the day the loan payment is due, they begin calling. I have also been harassed into wanting immediate payment over the phone which I refuse to do with any company. You hear on tv about people who are 7 months past due on their mortgages and we have to put up with this crap when it's the same day??? Give me a break!!
2008-02-16 by Q
Last night I had a conversation with a young lady from WF Auto Finance who told me, "this conversation could be monitored or recorded for quality assurance." She suggested that we setup a postdated online check like we did last week to get us caught up on the car payment. I told her, NO! And here's why. The last time we did this you people (WFAF) screwed me by PROMISING ME you "WOULD NOT" make a transfer of funds until Monday the 4th but your people then chose to dishonor our agreement by making the transfer of funds  Friday the 1st causing our overdraft protection to kick in to the tune of $300, raising our interest rate, and charging $350 in interest. That's right, $350 in interest on an initial $300. All of which after John, the young man I made the agreement with told me himself that, quote, "we would be in big legal trouble if we took money out of your account before the time you approved." He went on to say, "There are laws against that." All of which I recorded as I am recording our conversation right now. For quality assurance of course.Her immediate response was, "I cannot continue to talk to you sir if you are going to record this." I reminded her that she was recording it. What's the difference? She just kept repeating herself until I hung up on her.I do not offer legal advice. What I do offer is without prejudice, and that would be some very interesting reading for those who have the intestinal fortitude for such material in regard to debt collections.Yes John, indeed there are laws against that.Do an online search for;TITLE 15 > CHAPTER 41 > SUBCHAPTER V > SECTION 1692DEBT COLLECTION PRACTICESRead the whole thing.Then search for,TITLE 18 > PART I > CHAPTER 96 RACKETEER INFLUENCED AND CORRUPT ORGANIZATIONS also called RICORead the whole thing.And to complete the trilogy, Secrets of the Federal Reserve by: Eustace Mullins available to read online free.Happy reading,Q
2008-02-16 by Q
Oh, I forgot to mention that overdraft so called protection is on our Wells Fargo checking account.Can you spell litigation?Q
2008-02-08 by THEY ARE ASSSES!!
2008-02-08 by Business line
Wow, not 5 minutes after I called them back and had them remove our number from their databse they called yet again.  I infomred the caller that I had called them back on the same number and that we do not accept these types of calls as this is a business line, not a personal line.  She stated she would remove the number.  We'll see if they call again.
2008-01-25 by Dawn
I too have the problem with Wells Fargo calling on payments. I too am on a tight budget, and sometimes I have to wait for the next check to come in in order to make my full payment. Sadly, Wells Fargo has no lenience on this issue and will start calling you the day after a payment is due. For example, my payment was due on a Friday. I received my first call from them Saturday morning. I completely understand if a payment is overdue by a week or more, but come on.
2008-01-23 by Carol
We have had an auto loan with Wells Fargo Auto Finance for 4 years. In August I had surgery and with my husband taking time off work to take care of me we got behind on a few large loan payments. By November our car payment was late and we have been trying to catch up by working later hours. This number starts calling at 8 am every morning then calls my husband's cell phone these calls are made in that order at least 4 times a day every day of the week including Sunday. They will not leave a message.
2008-01-22 by rar
I financed my daughters car thru wells fargo (tow of us together).  on the day the payment is due they harass us.  All the call handlers are rude.  As soon as we can re-finance we will.  Oh........and once a month they also call offering to refinance the loan because of her good credit.  Whatever
2007-12-26 by Lisa
We have an auto loan with Wells Fargo Auto Finance but didn't received any calls til now. Payment is due on the 22nd but have been receiving phone calls in the 24th. Last month we were 3 days late on the loan and never once been harrassed. Now, this month it seems we are being hounded. She had the audacity to call my place of work. My boss finally told me that she has been calling since christmas eve but when she called again this morning, My boss was very firm with her and told NOT to call this number again. This is a place of business and do not harrass her at work. This is illegal. Never been through this with any other loans. At least my credit union that my truck is through sends reminder at home. Ridiculous.
2007-12-09 by Meadows
The above telephone number is part of a group who have terrorized callers with a scheme to obtain money. Lynn at 800-565-2310 said that she needed a Bank's name and PIN Code to release their information. Other telephone number associated with Wells Fargo Financial are: (207)413-5909; (208)872-0597; (873)893-7623; (866)913-9323; (484)895-2000; (407)321-8916. I have not any loans, never financed a car, never had a credit card, owe no money, and I have received calls from all of the above domestic terrorist. If they had a legal claim against anyone, they would have served them with court papers. Alternatively, attaching one's salary or property. But calling a 2:00AM and every half hour for 11 hours is terrorism. Moreover, after one number calls, the others [listed above] follow within minutes. This is seven days a week.
2007-11-06 by BJ
We do not have a vehicle loan, but i believe my new pier one card is from wells fargo. Got it for the 10 percent off. I called them to see when the first bill would come. when it did i paid it. hummmmm. i am going to look it up today and do not plan on using the card again.
2007-11-06 by In Their Defense
The Toll Free Number (800) 565-2310 is not affiliated with WFB (Wells Fargo Bank) but rather their Auto Finance Division.  What's the difference you ask? Well, this caller ID and Toll Free Number are associated with collections calls and their attempt to collect a debt for car loans.  I have found with other companies that if you are not delinquent but due have a loan with company x that simply calling and stating this will help them prevent it in future as a lot of these are automatically loaded into a dialer.  If you don't have a loan call them and let them know so they can remove your number and see if it's somehow associated (albeit incorrectly) with an actual account and a delinquent one at that.  Cell Phone Numbers get reassigned by phone companies and so do residential numbers.  Perhaps a dishonest person provided a false number once upon a time and it just happens to be your number at the time of the call.
2007-10-15 by asd
Similar to above, we refinanced our truck through Wells Fargo a few months ago.  They started calling on the day the payment was due wanting to know where their money was.  I told them I had made the payment and it should be there just anytime.  The guy was extremely pushy.  He wanted me to make a payment right then over the phone (for a charge of course).  I told him the payment had already been made.  He asked several times if the truck was at the address they had on record.  I told him the payment wasn't even late yet.  He told me that they were within their legal rights to collect on the loan right then.  I HATE talking to these people. They call at least once every hour, seven days a week.  We will NEVER do business with Wells Fargo again.
2007-09-27 by smcg
We refinanced our car through Wells Fargo Financial a couple of months ago.  I will never use them again.  Our payment is due on the 18th of the month.  My husbands hours got cut and we were unable to make our payment on the 18th.  I figured we would be ok because we were supposed to have a 10 day grace period.  They started calling up on the 19th asking when we are going to make our payment.  The lady got very B***** with me and started yelling at me and threatened to send me to collections.  Now mind you that my payments wasn't even  24 hours late.  We are doing the best we can and it is very stressful when people don't even give you room to breathe.The sad part of the whole story is my husband and I have been customers of Wells Fargo for almost 10 years.
2007-09-26 by SKK
I have nothing to do with wells fargo auto finance, yet i receive lot of calls on my cell every day even on week-ends.
2007-07-28 by IHateWFB
Our car payment is due on the 28th of every month. The morning of the 28th, they started calling! I had 3 missed phone calls from them within an hours time by 9 am!!!! Are you kidding me! The calls are non stop and higly annoying. Thank God for caller ID. Wells Fargo Auto Finance sucks and we will NEVER ever do ANY banking with WFB whatsoever!

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