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Did you get a call from 8012292252? Read the posts below to find out details about this number. Also report unwanted calls to help identify who is using this phone number.

2010-05-06 by Karen
Tryed calling the number back right after they called me and got a recording saying the number is no longer in service!
2010-05-04 by cindy
if this person dose not stop .i will find you.and sue the sh! out of you! i know you reading these post thats how sick people like you work.stop calling and i mean it.
2010-04-09 by Angry Guy
They are using a phone number spoofer so you can't tell what their actual number is. They are attempting to gain personal information from you either for financial gain or some other type of scam. ALL messages are prerecorded and responsive to your voice. If you've entered your phone number on a website claiming "preapproval" or something along the lines of entering a bunch of personal information on a site you've never trusted before, they probably either sold your phone number or they are IN FACT the people behind the scamming.I normally answer with a fake account and hide my voice. Then when they claim I entered my information on a website requesting information da da da. I say "No, you're wrong. I didn't. Please remove me from your list" and depending on their system it will either say "This isn't going to work", "I'm sorry about that", or something along those lines. Wait a few weeks and a new number will be calling. It's a never ending process.Be careful who you give your number too.
2010-03-30 by petro
el numero este me a llamado mas de 8 veses hoy si aberiguo quien es tendra muchos problemas ya que soy oficial de la policia te cuidado como por que puedes tener cargos federales
2010-03-25 by minuteman
I've answered the call, it was from some kind of Paul Allen organization trying to invite me to something.
2010-03-23 by ag
this number calls at least twice a day. it rings twice and they hang up.
2010-03-22 by Pat
801-229-2252 has called my cell phone 7 time from March 18th thru today March 22.  When I answer it seems like they have their pohone on mute, no one will answer. I tried calling the number and I can not get through - it tells me the number is disconnected. They have called me on several different days for over 2 months now.
2010-03-19 by J
If you wait on the line long enough, a person will come on asking for some strange name.  When you say "you have called the wrong number", they say, "since I have you on the line, let me tell you about this great offer....." or some BS like that. They must think that pretending they are attempting to call someone, and asking for a fake name gets them around the "do not call" rules.
2010-02-01 by James
This is the same as 925-273-3423; calls 3 or 4 times on my cell phone.
2010-01-26 by lialexa
I'm getting calls from this phone number and I'am tired of it. It looks a call center or telemarketing people calling and they are asking for different people that I don't even know. Make them to stop!
2010-01-21 by MARISA
Started getting a call from this # yesterday. I didn't not answer. When I tried calling the number back it said it was disconnected. WTF?
2010-01-20 by Vince88
12 calls in one day i.e. every 30 minutes on my cell phone. No ID, no Answer. It has been like that for the last two days: it just does not stop !
2010-01-19 by denise
please have them stop calling
2010-01-18 by LM
I've received calls from this number as well.  It's truly annoying.  Make them stop!!
2010-01-18 by Jason
I am pretty sure that this is the real estate guru personal coaching scam.  In fact I am pretty sure that it's Armando Montelango.
2010-01-16 by Bob
These people call her all the time and never leave a message. I reported it to the FCC but they keep calling.
2010-01-10 by Lyle
My Caller ID captured this number.  I received this prerecorded message on my answering machine indicated, "If you would like to make a call, please hang up and try again" several times.  I going to report this to the FTC Do Not Call List and file a complaint with the FCC as well.
2009-12-29 by annoyed
Got several calls from this number though we're on FTC do-not-call list. Advertising some investment seminar (i.e. scam). Number must belong to a boilerroom telemarketer.
2009-05-15 by Mark F
My caller ID says the call is from Circuit City,however ,its someone asking about vacation travel???
2009-05-04 by blazzer
call on cell phone - pick up no answer  frequent caller

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