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2008-04-24 by A
they are  Marketing company. It is very annoying.
2008-03-12 by Jon
It's a Marketing company.  Looking for you to take a survey.
2008-02-19 by ALEX
2008-01-30 by POed
It's a marketing research firm in TX, DSS Research.  Call the number back, and that's what the message says, along with alleged "instructions" on how to opt out of their pestering calls.  According to their website, it appears to be related to health care marketing.  A telemarketer by any other name.
2008-01-23 by Chili Pepper
Received a call to our business from this number.  A woman on the other end wanted to speak the the "business office manager". I asked what the call was regarding so that I could direct her to the specific manager/supervisor, she hesitated and said that someone else had called here on 1/11/08, but didn't note to whom they spoke. She said "I guess the billing department manager". When I went to transfer, she hung up. I called back and it was survey/market research company.
2008-01-15 by David B.
They called four times in the last few days. They don't give up easily.
2007-12-14 by Jenna
Got a call from this number no message left and if they are a research company well then if I ever do pick up the phone on them I will make sure to get their ID Badge number and report them since I am already on a DO NOT CALL LIST!
2007-12-12 by bp
Keep getting calls .. some anonymous ... or this # shows from Decision Sup Sy...Have had Vontage trace anonymous and it came back that orgin was from them...they were baffled as to orgin of call...evidently being placed through computer hackers...
2007-11-16 by L
Have called my cell phone twice today.  Does not leave a message.  I have no clue who it is... I won't answer it.
2007-10-31 by 817-302-0293
Have been getting calls from this number.  No messages.
2007-10-29 by jenn
I just received a call from this number. I answered and there was no one on the other line.
2007-10-09 by AK
Called and left no msg.Programmed my phone caller ID that if I receive calls from this number my phone flashes "A**HOLE CALLING"Therefore I press the ignore button on any future calls from this number.If you have that capability.AK
2007-10-09 by AK
Also, programmed my phone "Silent Ring" if this number calls, they are gone!
2007-10-06 by KT
They never leave a message and call ALL the time.  I know I have no collections out there, so help, how do I stop them?
2007-09-26 by Just called this
I just called this number back and got a "Thank you for calling Verizon.  This is Luke Shanks.  I'm unavailable to take your call."  The person who called was saying they were from Blue Cross, yet I'm getting this?  What the heck?
2007-09-20 by CD
got a call too, didnt answer, no message was left...tried texting and they said it was a landline...thanks for the info!
2007-09-04 by G Ray
I called this # back, and they are a research company cunducting surveys...they have an option for you to remove your phone number from their list...Also, it is all you anti-social people do not have to talk to anyone.
2007-09-04 by JB
Third call from this number - happened to be at my desk - said they were a research company - asked how the got my number.. I was referred to them - I think that is a crock and asked them not to call.  Let's see what happens...
2007-08-28 by chris
called once today
2007-07-23 by Cyssie
they call all the time but never leave a message and they normally call when we are not here.  They call several times

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