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2009-10-03 by David
I have received numerous calls from "800  Service"  which is 866 493-7224 trying to sell me SAT prep courses for my grandson. They say their name is "Test Prep" services. The number is bogus as I tried to call back and got "invalid entry".  I asked the person on the phone for a call back number as well.  I was given 888 572-8228 which I called.  It was a recording asking you to leave a message.They say that they received the contact info from a request that he filled out.  When I asked them where, they could not answer me.  They obviously got my number from a mailing list that they purchased.  The person that they say is my "daughter" is actually my grandson and not only did he not request them to call but I have a different number than his parents.I believe they got my number sold to them from a focus group that he was part of.  We used my phone number as a call back for him. They have called numerous times.  I am on the do not call list and I have asked them eash time not to ever call again.
2009-09-25 by we
Getting several calls a week from these people, to my CELL!!!WTH, apparently they sell SAT prep stuff, but they never want to talk.
2009-08-18 by becky
I just got a call from this place as well and they were wanting me to use a credit card or debit card and when I told her I didn't have one she said book stores carry this and they cost over $400.00 she was wanting me to secure it which was $160.00,I didn't think people like that are suppose to to things like this I think it is a scam.
2009-08-08 by Becky
When I ask for a # to call back because I wanted to reseach it the said "you are not listening to me" and hung up. I found out they have been calling the house over the last couple weeks and the $ keeps going down. Started @ $400-now...$125.
2009-08-07 by dewdad
Called yesterday and today, no message left (we do not pick up "toll free call" id)
2009-08-06 by gaocabu
just got a call from this number today 08/05/09 about 2045H, same modus operandi as reported by the rest of those that received calls from this number. This need to be identified who the real individual or company that possess this number and be punished to the fullest extend of the law if this is a real SCAM....... FBI take note of this number and please identify the owner of this number.
2009-08-06 by K in alabama
I answered the phone and told them not call this number again that I worked for the federal government, and just hung up on them...
2009-06-13 by Kim
Got a call from this number at 8:00 on a Saturday - by the time I found the phone they had hung up!  Ruined my morning....from the sounds of other posts they will call back and I will be ready!  I also have a high school junior in the house so I'm guessing they got our number from the ACT info.  Totally infuriating - going back to the DO NOT CALL LIST and update!
2009-06-04 by lucy
same thing happenend to me they asked for so and so's parents and i just said no thanks and hung up thinking it was a sales call.
2009-06-01 by RonF
Has called several times this week.  I didn't pick up because my callerID said TOLLFREE NUMBER.  I have a High School Junior in the house, so this must be the same on-going SAT prep scam.
2009-04-27 by Paul
Report this to the FTC immediatley! Use this reference number #22520868. I received the same type of call today 4/27/09. The guy said his name was Mr. Perone and he wanted to speak with my sister's parents. I guess it was a guise to sound like a teacher or admin or something. Apparently, he was trying to sell SAT help. BE CAREFUL and REPORT it!
2009-01-23 by Lucas
I get this number calling me once a day, every day for weeks. There is no body on the other end to talk to, instead they hang up as soon as I answer. I am on the do not call list. I used my ATT operator to monitor my phone number and as soon as I got the call, I put in a set of numbers so ATT would know to trace it out. Later, I got the info from ATT that there is nothing they can do about it. I got charged by ATT for wasting my time trying to stop it.
2008-10-06 by kml
I also got a call from this number.  I have caller I.D. so I did not answer is they will not provide their name.  Immediately called the number back using my call block and I also got the message that it was a call conference number.
2008-09-25 by LGM
I had a call from this number today.  He asked for "Name's (our son's) Mom or Dad." When I asked "Who's calling, please?" He sighed very loudly and hung up.  Since I do not have caller I.D.,  I dialed *69 and picked up the 1-866-493-7224 number.If you are reading this,  you did the right thing to check the number out on line. Suggest you tell other parents in your school...I plan to!
2008-09-02 by annoymous
he called asking for a name, it was mine, i am the parent, anyways i said i am that person....He said your the student taking the sat's,  i said what?  Do  you have a child in high school?   I said what company are you calling from??  He hung up on me??  I called the number back and it was a scam, it was a teleconfercing meeting number....
2008-08-09 by Kendra
They called asking for "Kendra's parents" instead of "Mr. Or Mrs. Insert Last Name Here". I'd gotten a call from them before and told them that my parents didn't want to speak to them. Answer, "Wah, wah, wah." Like the Charlie Brown teacher talking. I hung up. What spam.
2008-07-03 by KB
That's EXACTLY what happened to me.I had been applying for jobs and thought that he might have been from there because he didn't tell me where he was from. I called my mom to tell her, and then googled the number to see if I was right. Thankfully, I saw this, and called her back, and she didn't call them.
2008-07-03 by kayla
whoops, typo ^ (KB=Me)
2008-03-05 by TM
ACT "Test Prep Center". When I told the man that ACT does not solicit test materials over the phone, he hung up on me. I called the number back (probably shouldn't have) and got into a "Meeting 1" conference service. Had a similar call last year from another 888 number that did turn out to be fraudulent.
2007-11-21 by k
they called asking for my parents i sayd they were sleep. then i said i was the person. they said they'd call at a later time.

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