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2011-01-25 by Attilio Rizzuto
These people are from some company who calls and harreses people. They try to find buyers for sellers of cars on these web sites, they need to get a real job.
2011-01-21 by Martha Mauney
Got 3 calls from this person wanting $500.00 to sell my car that is listed on Told him if he could sell the car he could take the $500.00 from the proceeds. He got very agitated and said he had other calls to make and hung up on me.
2011-01-20 by LLL1212
I have gotten several calls from this #. I have a car listed on AutoTrader. The guy said he was 'Ricky Allen' from Allied Auto Group in California. He suggested he could sell  my car for more money and all I needed to do waas pay a $500.00 Broker fee up front. He then proceeded to ask me if I would be paying the fee with a visa or mastercard. Yeah, Right!!. Sure, Why not give my credit card info to every Tom,ick and Harry who calls me on the phone.
2011-01-19 by Bruce
Yeah, I have an ad on My car is listed for $12,000. The guy told me he's an auto broker, and that the Blue Book value of my car is really $14,000 (it's not), and that he has a buyer ready to pay me $14,000. All I have to do is send him a $500 broker's fee. When I asked him why he couldn't just take his $500 cut from the buyer and forward the remaining $13,500 to me, he got really mad, told me I was stupid for not understanding why he was offereing me such a great deal, accused me of being dishonest for posting an ad and not wanting to sell my car, and then hung up on me. Do people really fall for that scam? I suppose some must.
2011-01-13 by David H
I got a call from this number 3 days in a row at 3:24pm, 3:40pm, and 3:50pm.  They keep hanging up when I answer or when it goes to voicemail.  I have no idea who it is.I am selling my car on and on and have my number listed there. Maybe that's where they're getting my number from.
2011-01-13 by Paul replies to David H13 Jan 2011Me too. I also posted my car on craigslist and I've also received a call from a guy with an unavailable phone number from Longwood inc or something about helping my sell my car. As soon as I googled it, it was la
Ya also got called 3 times have my car on, is just spam

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