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2010-04-09 by Grandma Died replies to L. Passons8 Apr 2010On the night that we put my grandmother in her grave I received a call from 956-423-1526.  Of course, the caller ID says 800 Registry Co.  I noticed that some of you have mentioned that you have toll free numb
I got phone call from 956-412-0708 in this morning 2:56 AM. Also my caller ID show me that is 800 Registry Co. I called this number back, but the line is always busy...
2010-04-04 by Just Me
956-365-3534, called at midnight.  Another vote for a TX legal smackdown of these clowns, if that's who they are.  With CID spoofing you can never be sure.
2010-04-04 by a
I got a call at 4:30am on Easter, WTF? I don't owe anyone money, I don't have any enemies! What is with the calls?956 428 3305 was the number, called back it was busy
2010-04-01 by dk
Here are more numbers for everyone to add to thier list of calls from 800 registery: 956-421-1006 and 956-365-3534.  Same thing, calls late at night and early in the morning. Companies can not call you before 8am and after 9 pm.
2010-03-30 by Dollie
I received my first call from 956-440-1397 this morning at 8:07 AM.  I said "hello" three times & heard them hang up without saying anything.  My caller ID was "Registry 800 Co".
2010-03-30 by L. Passons
called at 3:27 a.m. on 3/30 It is awful to be awaken at that time of morning. People could have loved ones in poor or failing health and an early morning telephone call form some computer is cruel!!!
2010-03-28 by Bob Hart replies to sean24 Mar 2010I have filed a report with the Harlingen TX police department, Cameron County TX Sherrifs office and the FBI.  From my own incoming calls and from those posted here I have 10 numbers so far.  It all started for me abou
I got my first one from 956-428-3305 800 Registry CO at 4:16 a.m. and no one says anything on the other end---this is BS!!!!!
2010-03-24 by sean
yea that same number just called my house can you tell me who it is and what they want because who would call me house at 5:09 in the morning?i agree with everybody that gets this number that calls them im really pissed off as well
2010-03-23 by CTJulie
I too have been getting these calls, only in the middle of the night.  I have filed a complaint with the Federal Do Not Call Registry.  The two numbers that have called my toll-free numbers (tied to my home line ATT, and my business line Vonage) are 956-412-0587 AND 956-412-0508.  I have blocked both of these numbers with my ATT line and will put a Do Not Disturb on my Vonage phone at the nighttime hours.  I don't like to turn off my home line at night in the event of a family emergency, but will start doing so if the calls don't stop.
2010-03-23 by Maurice Sanchez
I got a call from this number at 2 am!! nobody answer but be careful guys, some scamers posing as kidnappers are trying to find that in middle the night with confusion you may provide information to scam or worst, blackmail you asking for ransom for an imaginary kidnap of family members, in middle of the night an abrupt wake up could caught you by surprise..
2010-03-19 by CM
I received a call at 3 am last night from 956-365-0145 and my caller ID said it was 800 Registry CO. I think they are using various phone numbers with a 956 area code. My local number is connected to an 800 number as well. I called my local phone company and although I have call blocking, I cannot block this number. I am unsure what to do because when you call back this number, you get a busy signal.
2010-03-18 by bk replies to bk15 Mar 2010Actually, one was from 956-440-1187Reply ! bk replies to bk15 Mar 2010Any idea who to file complaints with?Reply ! max
they call in the middle of the night
2010-03-15 by Barry King replies to Max26 Feb 2010I am having the same problem with "800 Registry Co" calling all hours of the day and night.  I've traced several of the numbers they use to call (all from 956 area code) to Robert McKinney, 326 E. Arroyo Dr. in Harling
I received two calls to my cell phone from 956-412-0508, but come to think of it, my cell phone is linked to an 800 number. One was at 3:00AM this morning. Really pissed me off!!
2010-02-22 by Max
Someone in Harligen, TX - likely from "800 Registry" or a competitor, is calling 800 WATS numbers to check availability. They have several numbers so be prepared to peruse through the 956 NPA to add their numbers to any block list(s) you have, and PLEASE, PLEASE report received calls from robots in that area to this portal. I've had my switched service continuously active since the early 90's and receive few calls nowdays (I was amongst the first in Arkansas with a switched nationwide WATS in '87)If I continue to receive calls from that party, they can expect complaints through the FCC and Texas Attorney General.

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